Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Test Readiness Review Checklist

A while back I wrote about using test readiness reviews as part of test governance toolbox : http://testing4tw.blogspot.dk/2013/12/are-you-ready-for-testing.html

I came across my test readiness review checklist, and thought I would share it:

Deliveries to test:

·        Is feature list complete and updated?

·        Are some features not ready for test?

·        Have previous test phase been completed?

·        Does the delivery contain known errors / shortcomings?

Test documentation:

·        Are test cases ready and reviewed?

·        Have test cases been set up in test tool?

·        Are test cases involving 3rd party stakeholders discussed and agreed?

·        Has test log and reporting templates been prepared for the test?

·        Has invites been sent for test readiness review, and test status meetings for the test to come?

Test Data and Environment:

·        Is test data load needed, planned and detailed?

·        Is test data requirements in place and supported in test environment?

·        Is the environment configured according to expectations?

·        Has deploys of test builds been scheduled?

·        Are there any know environment outages (upgrades etc.) in the test period?


Aside from above you need to obtain a statement of: “We are ready and able to execute test from date X” from all stakeholders in the test phase to come.

Have a nice day & Happy testing!


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