Friday, 19 December 2014

The retrospective starfish

Problem: Structuring the retrospective in a way that facilitates lessons learned.

Preparing for a retrospective is needed in order to get valuable feedback and ensure that the participants are prepared for the session.

Solution: Try the retrospective starfish

There are many ways of doing retrospectives, some simpler than others, and in my mind simplicity is the key to success. If you expect that people spend time preparing then you should make sure that the process is understandable and that the product that you peers needs to produce is well defined.

I came across a method that was new to me a couple of months back, called the retrospective starfish. It is all about listing items under 5 simple headlines:
· Do more

· Do less

· Start doing

· Stop doing

· Continue doing

All input is consolidated under respective headline, and team then evaluate where to look for improving for next sprint, test phase etc. Try it out, it gives quick results and a nice overview of where your project is headed. Furthermore, it allows you to see the trends from retrospective to retrospective, by comparing the starfish from sprint to sprint.


You’ll find a nice description of the method here:

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