Monday, 24 November 2014

Happy reading

If you fancy reading a bit about the current state of affairs within testing take at look at this excellent report. Yes it is advertising but it might underline some of the issues that you are dealing with in your own organisation.

"Testing" is after all "testing" and we can always use some extra voices to state our case. Whether it's more money or a broader scope for testing (and more money) or the adoption of new techniques and tool (and more money) or something completely different it is usefull with a little inspiration.

So click the link and fill in the form and you have access to 30 minutes of written entertainment

There are no major testing or QA revolutions mentioned in the report and even though it might not apply to your organisation it is still interesting to compare your own expectations to the forecasts in the report. After all there might be a thing or two your own organisation has overlooked.

Happy reading

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