Monday, 13 October 2014

Why do we test?

My daughter asked me what I do at work, and soon there after why. The answer to what is testing and the answer to the why is in short to add value, as this is the core nature of developing solutions.
If we were only focusing our test on functionality, then the test would soon be of little to no value. So the discussion with my daughter led me to think of the following items that I finds necessary as part of testing in order to ensure that the test adds value to the development of the solution:
·         Increase customer happiness: Is it fit for purpose, easy to use and supporting their business.
·         Increase profitability: faster and easier to market, something that the solution should ensure.
The next question is of cause how?
There are two methods that come to mind: Risk based and business driven testing. Risk based in order to ensure that impact on users, money, name, market share, brand value, customers, people etc. is minimized and business driven to ensure business goals are met. From here on you can go exploratory or similar, the important this is just to keep in mind that there is so much more to testing than the functionality.
Remember that happy users (who make money while being happy) are on the agenda for developing the right solution, and not just a solution.
Happy Testing!

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