Monday, 24 February 2014

Reviewing process using old failures as driver

I came across this interesting article on some of the most spectacular software failures last year:

This article points at the extreme consequences failures in software can have on the business, not to mention loss of image. This article serves as a reminder on the importance of quality assurance and contingency planning.

After reading the article I made a little exercise that I would invite you to do. It is called the cost of failure, and is basically just trying to remember the fails you experienced last year in your organization. The list (short or long) can give you two Things:
  • Ability to reflect and learn from previous mistakes.
  • General acceptance of quality assurance in the organization.
Note: Remember that root cause discussions related to failures can get personal, unless kept in a positive and constructive tone.
Using past failures for a QA process review:
Put it on the agenda for a cross functional meeting involving both developers, maintenance and test roles. The purpose is to have quality assurance process and implementation of same under review, triggering a discussion on how to do better. Take the conclusions to next years to do list, prioritize and implement, and remember to include that non-test roles in the implemenation.

Have a nice day & Happy testing!


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