Thursday, 28 November 2013

Obsessive testers?

We had quite a laugh here at the office the other day when looking at the pictures in this Blog post:

Obsessive or not, any testers looking at the pictures will recognize the feeling they get when testing and hunting for bugs. When the bug is close you get the feeling of “something-is-not-right-here!”

All of the pictures includes an element, which makes you wonder if this is right? Whenever I start asking myself that question while testing, then the hunt is on, because the bugs will be hiding here. The pictures are indeed situations similar to what the tester will encounter in a piece of software – in either the documentation, GUI, database or code.

I often start my test sessions with some exploratory testing. The reason for doing this to learn about the item under test, and to allow myself wonder is things are right. I would like to invite you to try this some time it is fun and rewarding.

Happy testing!


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